with your Activation Guide, Kelly Atwood 

You know you're a badass who has her shit together to a certain degree in business, and you find yourself wanting to dive deeper into your soul, and access the parts of yourself that are calling out to be expressed. You deeply desire to let go of your fears, and step into TRUE prosperity in all areas of your life.

You're ready to play an even bigger game, and you know in order to do so, it's time to face into yourself in an even deeper, more mystical way.  

You understand that in order for you to fully expand into the version of yourself that you know you are here to be, you are going to have to fully surrender and TRUST your process. You are going to have to face your dragons. You are going to have to uplevel your relationship with spirit. You are going to have to peel back yet another layer of the onion, and reveal to yourself the parts of yourself, that up until now, you haven't been willing to bring into the light. 

Enter The Rebirth Experience: a 6 month 1:1 private mentorship designed to support you in doing just that.

This program is by application only 

The Rebirth Experience isn't for everyone and I am very selective about who I take on as high end clients, as to insure the integrity of the program. 

Here's what goes down in The Rebirth Experience



This first phase goes for two months, with the purpose of bringing up to the surface all of your shadow, fears, doubts, and anything else that is in the way of you stepping into your full expression. A lot of personal development work tends to skate over this part of the process, which leaves your foundation shaky, and your transformation and breakthroughs, short lived. In order to truly step into the next level version of yourself, you must face into everything that is in the way.



In the second two months of the program, we will be opening you up even more deeply, to your connection to Source, to your own Soul, and to your creative abilities that have been lying dormant. With all that no longer serves you having been brought to the surface, faced, and released in Phase I, now you have a clear container within which to access your magical "superpowers" in an even deeper way. This is the phase where downloads, ideas, desires, and new insights will be flooding into your consciousness.



In the final two months of the program, you will be activated. I use multiple modalities to assist you in the activation of dormant light codes that are now ready to be expressed. This is the phase where you will begin to see instantaneous shifts in your reality, and may have the experience of "shooting laser beams from your fingertips". Besides the experience of you quantum leaping into your future self - NOW - you also will be taking a LOT of action in this phase as well, marrying all the energetic work in the 5D realm, with grounding massive action in the 3D.

What's Included:

*Six (6) months all access pass to me

*Ten (10) hour long deep dive sessions

*Unlimited 24/7 WhatsApp access for support

*Weekly lessons in your inbox

*Private VIP Day in Austin, TX (other locations potentially can be arranged)

*Six months free access to my membership community, The Abundance Tribe

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