If you’ve been reading any of my posts in the past six months, than you know I have been messaging like a mo’fo. 

Not shying away. Not dimming down.  

Not hiding from saying the thing that I can’t NOT express, regardless of how I think it will be perceived.  

It has been a truly transformative experience.  

Not just for my business.  

But for my SOUL.  

I get a lot of messages from women who read my posts, and tell me they have a strong message too, but are terrified to put it out there.  

So, check it out.  

I’m launching a messaging course.  

Hells yes.  

This feels like such a divine download for me, and I honestly haven’t been THIS excited to launch something, maybe ever.  

It means a lot to me.  

And I have so much to say about it.  

And I understand fully, that me helping YOU to unleash your message on the world, is going to create a ripple effect that is going to be a total game changer.  

I want to start a movement.  

Of women stepping into their power, unleashing their TRUTH, and using the power of their VOICE, to get that message out into the world.  

Yes, this is about business.

But it’s about so much more.  

It’s about you living inside of TRUE authenticity. About having a REALLY BIG impact. About releasing everything that you feel deep inside of your soul, and EXPRESSING that to the world.  

It’s about stepping into your power. Stepping into your truth. Stepping into your purpose.  

Your why.  

What you stand for. What you believe in. What you would give your life for.  

Let me tell you why you need this course: 

  • Your business feels inauthentic. You may feel like you have spent so much time watching what other people are doing online, that you are beginning to emulate, and you almost feel like you don’t even know what your unique voice is anymore.
  • Your business isn’t getting the results you want. Your income is plateaud, you feel like people aren’t truly engaging with your posts, and you just know that there is SO MUCH more that you have inside of you to put out in the world.
  • You walk around feeling halfway expressed. You feel like you have so much built up inside of you that absolutely must come out, but you are terrified. You’re tired, your libido is down, and feeling down in the dumps is becoming a somewhat normal experience.
  • You fear the nay-sayers, the haters, the unsubscribes, and you know you need to get over it and message anyways, but you feel crippled by the fear of people not liking what you have to say and trash talking you.
  • Maybe you message sometimes, but doing so consistently, and allowing yourself to unleash fully every time you show up online, feels big and daunting and like too much.
  • Or maybe you don’t even KNOW what you have to say, but you know you want to say SOMETHING, and you’re TIRED of playing small and hiding out, while watching all of these other amazing badass women show up BOLDLY online.


This four week course is going to walk you through every single thing you need in order to hone in on your exact message, show up powerfully with it consistently, leverage it to grow your business, and build unshakeable confidence around it.  

Here’s what’s included: ---> Private FB group ---> Weekly Module Trainings in your inbox, which includes an audio training and a worksheet ---> Weekly Trainings via Livestream ---> Weekly Live Q + A Calls via Conference Line ---> Daily exercises posted in the group  

PLUS!!! ---> Sign up for VIP and get TWO Private Coaching Sessions + Unlimited WhatsApp Support for the entire four weeks!!! ---> PLUS!!! BONUSES!!! Thefirst FIVE people to sign up get ONE WEEK OF UNLIMITED WHATSAPP SUPPORT!! (If you sign up for VIP, that means you get FIVE weeks total!!!). And! The first TEN people to sign up get access to a LIVE WORKSHOP!! “Rapid Business Growth - What to Focus on Daily to Start Seeing Faster Results!”  

What you can expect to receive from this course: - An increase in your confidence around showing up boldly online - Clarity on your message and the impact you want to make -A solid plan on how to monetize that message -An increase in your following -Confidence, authenticity, truth, power -The feeling of being truly unleashed and the satisfaction that comes from fully expressing what is inside of you  

I think this goes without explaining, but JUST IN CASE ;) 

In order to get the results, you HAVE to show up and do the work.  

Please don’t waste your time, money, and energy on this course if you’re not willing to roll up your sleeves, get slightly uncomfortable, and do the inner and outer work to experience a shift in your results. Sort of goes without saying, but there’s always someone who wants a magic pill. It doesn’t exist. The magic pill is YOU.  

So what do you say?  

Are you ready to unleash your message to the masses?  

Are you ready to catapult your life and business into even higher realms of authenticity and alignment!!  

Are you ready to truly STAND for something, every single day, no matter what?  

Are you ready to watch your business results soar as a result of all this truth, boldness, and authenticity?  


Length: 4 weeks  

Cost: $297 - Pay in Full, or payment plan of 4 monthly payments of $97  

VIP Option: Add two private coaching sessions and WhatsApp access throughout for $897 pay in full or 4 monthly payments of $250  

-----> PLUS!!!! BONUS!!! First ten people to sign up get access to a LIVE WORKSHOP!!!! "Rapid Business Growth - What to Focus on Daily to Start Seeing Results Faster!"  

Format: Weekly Training Modules (worksheet and audio recording in your inbox), weekly live Q + A Calls, plus weekly livestream and daily exercises, all via the private FB group