I’m SO EXCITED to introduce to you my newest course, born on the Gold Coast of Australia, launched in Shute Harbor, and now currently being brought to you from my aisle seat, 33,000 miles above Fiji!!!!

Let me tell you what this course means to me.  

I have a deep stirring in my soul, to help, inspire, and support other women entrepreneurs to build really impactful businesses online. Nothing makes my work more enjoyable than to see YOU lift your dreams up off the ground, and feel empowered by your passion and your purpose in life.  

If you are like most, you are not where you want to be.  

(This is a side effect of being an entrepreneur, by the way). You are always reaching for more, and it’s not necessarily because you aren’t present with what is, and not grateful for all that you’ve created so far, it’s just that you are so lit up by your dreams and desires that you are always excitedly onto the next thing.  

And at times (perhaps now?), you feel stuck. Frustrated. Uninspired.  

Or maybe you feel like things are rolling along at a really steady pace, but you are ready to EXPLODE.  

And so, you (being the conscious entrepreneur you are), go straight to your mindset work.  

You do the journaling. You visualize. You have thirty separate conversations with your Future Self.  

You write your limiting beliefs out every single day, and rewrite them as new beliefs. You take ALL the programs, and often times have two or three coaches at once.  

And on top of that, you have also applied yourself by way of strategy as well.  

You know what you need to do. You understand the basics. You aren’t afraid to do the outer work and you DO do it, every damn day.  

Yet there’s something that you feel is holding you back.  

Yeah, sure, you’ve got rockstar clients, and you’re making enough money in your business to not feel like you’re on complete struggle street, but you can feel, in your heart, that something is missing.  

When you see people crushing it online, and selling out high level masterminds, and having six figure launches, you are so excited for them, but also can’t help feeling a twinge of jealousy.  

You find your subconscious annoyingly ask, “What do they have that I don’t?”  

“They must know something I don’t know!”  

“They must be doing something differently than I am!”  

And so you keep plugging and chugging along, every single day, being a good little kitty with your mindset work, and doing ALL the things, that you feel like, if you JUST.GET.DONE already, that suddenly, your business is going to lift off like a spaceship and sail into the Universe of Entrepreneurial Success.  

I had a GAME CHANGING CONVERSATION with my mentor last week. We were talking about Identity Work and how important it is.  

And after the session, I was reflecting in my journal about how when I made the jump from $1500/month to $30,000/month in my business, that the biggest thing I shifted was my BEING.  

Yeah, sure, I ramped it up (a little bit) on my mindset work.  

I took (some) massive action that I was previously unwilling to take.  

But guess where that came from?  

The thing that I needed to do, that I hadn’t been doing, was to actually DEEM myself a LEADER….BEFORE the results showed up that confirmed that for me.  

And guess what?  

Within three weeks of claiming my identity as a leader in the coaching industry, I blew up the results in my business so rapidly and exponentially that I couldn’t even believe what had just happened.  

And it was simple.  

I activated the leader within me.  

I gave her a spot at the table.  

I knew I wanted to launch a course in Australia, but I didn’t know what it was going to be.  

I had many conversations with my friends and mastermind sisters, about what the next course should be.  

And I kept having ideas, but none of them felt like a hells yes.  

And then it dawned on me.  

I have actually never taught a straight up course on energetically aligning with the leader version of yourself!!  

Sure, I talk about it all the time in my posts and in my group programs and with my private clients.  

But I’ve never taught a course solely on it.  

So here it is, just for YOU.  

This is the thing, that I can guarantee is a complete game changer, if you dive in fully and do the work around it.  

I know you’re tired of feeling like you’re spinning your wheels.  

I know you’re bored with seeing results but not THE results (you know, the BIG ones you are craving).  

Here’s how it’s going down:  

Activate the Leader Within is a 30 Day Immersion Course, taught in three different levels.  

LEVEL ONE is strictly a self-study course. You sign up, and starting on 12/1, you receive thirty days of content in your inbox.  

LEVEL TWO is the same PLUS access to the private Facebook group AND Weekly Q + A Calls!  

LEVEL THREE is all of the above PLUS two 30 minute private coaching sessions with me!  

Here's What We'll Be Covering:

  • Starting With Desire - Radical Honesty About What We Are Here to Create 
  • Tuning Into The Leader Within and Defining Who She Is
  • Taking Stock of All the Areas We Are Playing Small
  • Identifying the ACTIONS needed to take you to the next level 
  • Radical Permission to Lead and Shine Bright - Daily 
  • Walking Away From Everything that Isn’t A Hells Yes 
  • How to Use Your Morning Mindset Practice to Align With Your Next Level 
  • How to Shift Limiting Beliefs About Who You Are and What You Have to Offer 
  • Ramping Up Your Fitness Routine for Badass Biz Results 
  • Taking Ownership of Your Message and Claiming Your Space on Social Media 
  • Content Creation - Getting Your Shit to Go Viral 
  • Let’s Talk Fear: Getting Over Ego and Ourselves, In Order to Expand Our Impact
  • Operating in Your Zone of Genius for TRUE Leader Status
  • Shifting and Upleveling Your Money Game 
  • How to Stand Out From the Social Media Masses
  • Permission Granted to Monetize Your Life 
  • How to Create Programs and Offers from the Leader Within 
  • How to Navigate Personal Relationships through Uplevels 
  • Radical Self Care - How to Put Yourself First and Feel Fabulous About It
  • Messaging Like You Mean It
  • Impact Expansion - How to Reach More People with Your Message
  • Systems Upgrade - Bringing Your Whole Life into Leader Status
  • How to Instantly Create Confidence and Self Worth
  • Manifesting a Badass Support Team 
  • System Download + Integration

We start December 5th! 

*Although there are 30 days of content in this course, the actual run time will be closer to 40, to account for Sundays and holidays).  

I know what it’s like to feel like you’re getting there, but something is in the way. I know what it’s like also to click in to that leader status, that ALREADY exists inside of you, to pull her out, and seemingly create MAGIC with it.  

Don’t you think it’s your turn?